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The Science of Tears:

scientists have categorized tears into three types:

Basal tears which continually keep the cornea wet, nourished and help to keep it clear of dust. They can fight against bacterial infection as a part of the  immune system as well but our secretions slow with age.

Reflex tears come from irritation of the eye by things like onion vapors, tear gas or pepper spray. These things don’t necessarilly have to be in your eye, they can also be in your nose. It can also occur with bright light and hot or peppery stimuli to the tongue and mouth. Vomiting, coughing or yawning also can trigger these tears.

Crying/Weeping tears are cause by strong emotional feelings like mourning, physical pain, and even happiness c: In humans, emotional tears can be accompanied by reddening of the face and sobbing—cough-like, convulsive breathing, sometimes involving spasms of the whole upper body. When we are upset our bodies produce a protein based hormone called leucine enkephalin which is a natural pain killer and it helps to keep you from feeling the emotions. When we cry these types of tears, this hormone comes out in them and therefore it is removed from our bodies. This causes the mental walls, that were created by the hormone, to breakdown and in turn, allows us to feel the emotions to their full extent.

i love when i learn things like this c:

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